Jul 5, 2009

Perez goin out of control

Florentino Perez after signing some of the best players in the world thinks that Spanish league and Uefa champions league isnt enough for them to compete,he wants a Euro superleague (GREEDINESS),He thinks now Real Madrid is the best and he should remember that they havnt won UCL,Its a disgrace for Europes other low graded well performing clubs He stated that
""We have to agree a new European Super League which guarantees that the best always play the best - something that does not happen in the champions League," Perez told Spanish television."
this means that all other spanish and european teams are untouchables to Madrid ROyal Galacticos
they shouldnt even play to lower ranked teams,He is Blasting at UEFA,and UEFA should take action against Pereez and RoyalMadrid

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